We give students the environment and tools to take control of their learning.

Prenda is all about empowering students to be the best they can be. Each Prenda Microschool has a guide who helps students set goals, choose things that interest them, and plan their educational journey in a cozy environment. We teach them how to learn and coach them to success.

What does Prenda offer?

Individual guidance with small groups

Guides help each student set learning goals, encourage them to challenge themselves, and facilitate interaction in small classes.

Customized program for each child

Students work at their own pace and on subjects that interest them. Prenda is not a "one-size fits all" approach to learning.

Learning for the future

This model of education is designed for lifelong learning—not just memorizing facts.  Children learn how to learn.

Find out more info in your state.

Prenda has tuition-free microschools in communities across the country, but they look slightly different in each state. Choose a state option to get more information based on where you live.


What is a Prenda Microschool?

A microschool is a small group of learners who meet in-person, usually in the home of their learning guide. Prenda Microschools currently serve kids from Kindergarten to 8th Grade (preschool and high school will come in the future). Most microschools have a 3-year grade span: K-2nd grade, 3-5th Grade, and 6-8th Grade. However, we do have microschools with wider grade ranges. The microschool day is designed to give students a well-rounded academic, social, and creative experience. We think about the whole child and care about their long term wellness and growth. Our goal is to help each student become an empowered learner so they can live a happy, purpose-filled life.

Who are the Learning Guides?

Some of our guides are certified teachers with classroom experience and degrees in education, but we don't require these things in order to be a guide. In fact, many of our best guides are simply passionate parents who wanted something different for their kids. Prenda trains each guide in the Prenda Learning Model and Philosophy, so anyone who loves kids and wants to be an inspiring force for good can become a guide. We utilize mastery-focused, adaptive technology to provide academic content so our learning guides don't need to be content experts to be amazing guides.

What do kids learn?

A Prenda Microschool day is broken up into 3 main components: Conquer Mode, Collaborate Mode, and Create Mode.

During Conquer, students use technology to access everything they would cover in a traditional approach to education: Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, etc. In Collaborate they do group activities that cover science, history, debate, research, presentation skills, leadership, math application puzzles, and more. During Create, students work together or in small groups to complete project-based learning activities that range in topics from STEM, to performing arts, to growth mindset and life skills.

Is there a Microschool near me?

Prenda is largely based in Arizona, but is rapidly spreading all over the world. We ask that you take some time to learn the basics about the Prenda Learning Model and schedule a time to chat with our Parent Support Team by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

If you feel that Prenda is a good fit for your family, we'll send you a map where you can shop for a guide, meet them in person, and find someone who is a good match for your unique child. If you don't see something near you, explore the "Become a Guide" page for information about how you can start a Prenda Microschool in your community. If becoming a guide isn't an option for you, we can help you reach out to people in your circles who might want to host and lead a microschool! You only need 5 students to qualify as a microschool and we can walk you through everything you need to know and do to get started ASAP.

How much does Prenda cost?

We work with various school partners to provide Prenda Microschools as a tuition-free option in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Colorado. We also accept ESA funding in Arizona. We are working on creating similar funding opportunities in other states. If you want a tuition-free Prenda Microschool option in your state, we'd love to work with you to make that a reality.

If you are outside of Arizona, New Hampshire, or Colorado and want to homeschool with Prenda Family, you can do so for $100 per month for the first student, and $75 per month for each subsequent student. You can learn more by visiting our "Prenda Family" page. If you want to set up a microschool and are not in Arizona, New Hampshire, or Colorado, you can utilize the Prenda Family option and self-organize with other Prenda Families in your area.

Is Prenda perfect?

Absolutely not! But we try to be perfect at listening and adapting to the feedback we receive from parents, guides, and students. 93% of experienced Prenda parents said they would absolutely recommend Prenda to a friend, and 91% of parents said that their Prenda students were excited to go to Prenda school each day and happy when they came home. If you notice something that you think could be better, let us know!

Ready to get started?

Individual guidance. Guides help each student set learning goals, encourage them to challenge themselves, and facilitate interaction in classes of 10 children or less.
Customized program. Students work at their own pace and on subjects that interest them. Prenda is not a "one-size fits all" approach.
Future learning. This model of education is designed for life-long learning—not just memorizing facts. Children learn how to learn.