Interested in Becoming a Prenda Guide?

Everything you need to know about this amazing opportunity to do meaningful work and impact the lives of young learners can be found right here.

What is a Prenda Guide?

Prenda Guides are coaches and mentors that support, nurture, and encourage a child’s innate love of learning. They are caring parents or community members who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their community by running a Prenda Microschool.
Every Prenda Guide applicant goes through the application process to be sure that they are a good fit for Prenda, as well as a comprehensive onboarding process to understand the learning experience, core values, and curriculum. After that, they open a microschool of their own to empower small groups of Kindergarten-8th Grade students in their home or other suitable location.

Helpful videos

Helpful videos

What are the requirements? 

  • Experience (paid or unpaid) working with children or home educating children of your own.
  • Moderate technology skills, with the ability to pick up new systems quickly.
  • Basic understanding of Prenda’s Learning Experience and Core Values prior to applying.
  • Ability to recruit students from at least two different families after becoming an approved Guide. 
Note: Guides that are accepting students are featured on Prenda’s website so interested parents can reach out to Guides to register their students.
  • High level of professionalism, including strong communication skills and prioritization of confidentiality.
  • Ever-curious, resourceful, creative, and problem-solving nature—a lover of learning that strives for a growth mindset.
  • Top-notch organizational skills in order to monitor student progress and oversee day-to-day microschool operations.
  • Open to learning about student autonomy, motivation, and connective discipline.
  • Arrange a microschool location (home or other suitable space) that meets the location requirements.
  • Obtain fingerprint clearance*, clear background check, and CPR & First Aid Certifications—Prenda will let you know when to start these.
  • Reliable internet access with high-speed streaming.
  • 18 years or older, and authorized to work in the U.S.

*Not all states require fingerprint clearance. See state specifics tab for more information.

State Information

Although the requirements for Guides in the application process are generally the same for all who apply, there are a few differences from state to state. Select your state below to find out more.

Why become a Prenda Guide?

Guiding is an incredibly meaningful and fulfilling opportunity to usher the next generation into the world with the tools and skills to thrive. Above all, empowerment is the name of the game. Guides are empowered to run microschools of their own in a way that benefits them and their students. Similarly, they empower their students to become engaged, co-creators of their education. The result is a Guide and a group of students on the learning journey of a lifetime.
Guiding is a paid, part-time, and contract-based position (1099)
16-20 hours per week of in-person work and a few hours per week outside of microschool operating hours—hours vary based on state and student grade levels and needs
Guides work from home or another suitable location. If a Guide has K-8 children, they can be part of their microschool too. 
Prenda provides a comprehensive onboarding process to support new Guides and set them up for success.

How do I become a Guide?

Review the information in the tabs below to learn more about the application process, onboarding experience, and First 20 Days—which outlines how you will be supported by Prenda when your microschool opens.

If you’re ready to apply to become a Guide, simply click on the Apply Now button below and fill out the form. You will receive an email with instructions and next steps for the multi-step application process.

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Let's see if we're a good fit

  1. Apply below
  2. Schedule an interview and virtual site inspection
  3. Consent to and clear background check.
  4. Initiate safety requirements (fingerprint clearance, CPR/first aid certifications, review Prenda Safety Requrements)
  5. Upload Required documents
  6. Become an approved guide
Complete in as little as 1 week
schedule a Zoom call

Discover the power of Prenda

  1. Learn about the Components of Empowerment.
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of Prenda's Learning Experience
  3. Dive into the ins and outs of the role of a Prenda guide.
  4. Get an in-depth understanding of Prenda's Core Values.
Complete in as little 1 week
schedule a Zoom call

Open your own microschool

  1. Get step-by-step support during your First Days as a Guide.
  2. Put the learning from the onboarding stage into practice
  3. Discover various online tools and curriculum components.
  4. Get connected with a network of Guides for ongoing support on a community platform
Complete during the first 20 days of school

Are you ready to be a Prenda Guide?

Small classes. Ten students or less means more opportunity for making a big impact in students lives.
Engaged students. Because kids are working on things they like, they are excited to learn. As a guide, you coach and encourage them to discover their interests and set meaningful goals
Freedom. As the guide, you have flexibility to create the experience that works best. The focus is on students, not on administrative overhead.

Common Questions

What does the day-to-day experience look like?

Guides spend 16-20 hours a week of time supporting students in person in their homes or other suitable learning spaces. The exact number of hours varies depending on the state and student grade levels. The Prenda Learning Experience is used to provide structure to the day and is broken into three sections. Within these sections there are different curricular components (online tools, project-based activities, collaborative projects)—all of which are provided by Prenda. Instead of standing in front of a room of students and delivering content, Guides help students take ownership of their learning, set their own goals, and move at their own pace.

What are Prenda's Core Values?

Prenda’s Core Values shape the culture and set the stage for the Prenda Learning Experience. Guides live out and model these core values for their students to promote a healthy culture and create an environment for everyone to come as they are and flourish, personally and academically.

What happens when I’m ready to open my microschool?

When you’re ready to open your microschool, you’ll need to register between 5-10 students from at least two different families. Many parents are ready to register their child, but are just waiting for a microschool to open in their area. As soon as you are approved and ready to accept students, your microschool will be displayed on our website so parents can contact you about registering their children.

What do The First 20 Days look like?

The first 20 days of your guiding experience with your new students will be filled with ample support. Guides receive daily resources to help them get into a rhythm and get familiar with all the tools and resources used by Prenda and its students. After the First 20 Days you will continue to have access to support from the Guides Team, as well as a community of Guide peers.  

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