What is a microschool?

Prenda is a new kind of school that connects parents with caring people, called Guides, who lead world-class microschools in their community and empower learners.

Small groups 

Prenda’s tuition-free microschools are made up of small groups of K-8th grade students that learn individually and collaboratively in a mixed-age setting.


A smiling Prenda student that represents the kindergarten through second grade age group.


A smiling Prenda student that represents the third through fifth grade age group.


A smiling Prenda student that represents the sixth through eighth grade age group.

Safe & flexible environment

Kids meet in homes, libraries, dance studios, and other creative locations. These inviting spaces create a sense of safety and comfort. From the inspection of every microschool location to the selection of qualified Guides, the safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. 

Students in this at-home microschool point and smile at each other while playing a game.
Students play outside of their micro school with multi-colored kites.
A Prenda learning pod sits together in a circle outside for their lesson.
Prenda microschools can take place at community centers, as shown in this image of a Guide and student working together.
Microschool students gather around a home garden as their Guide teaches.
A microschool student holding two balloons taped together in a hands-on science experiment.
Verified Guides
Background-checked, CPR/First Aid Certified, verified references
Internet Safety
Technology to monitor activity and create a safe digital space
Microschool Location
Site inspections, safety requirements, and approved locations


Prenda invites communities to take an active role in the important task of ushering in the next generation of learners. Community members are joining Prenda and becoming Guides—parents, grandparents, teachers, and other caring individuals.

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Personalized learning

The Prenda Learning Experience prioritizes each student’s unique needs as they progress in all their core subjects and more. Think project-based, mastery-focused learning, combined with state-of-the-art online tools that allow students to learn at their pace.

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Students from a New Hampshire learning pod hug their Prenda Guide outside of her home.