COVID-19 Common Questions and Answers

Will Prenda have a mask policy?

Prenda will defer to the most updated CDC guidelines on mask requirements and follow any state, local, or, in the case of district or charter microschools, district or charter school policy. Prenda recommends that all people in a microschool follow CDC guidelines, but will allow for Guides to set their own rules where flexibility is allowed. 

How do Guides enforce or explain microschool mask policy to families and will Prenda help me have hard conversations?

Guides are allowed to set their own policies within the limits established by state, local, or school rules and policies. Prenda is here to help! If you need assistance, please email, though Guides are encouraged to try and resolve these issues on their own.

We're supposed to start microschool soon but I'm waiting on my test results after close contact with COVID-19. What should I do? 

If you are awaiting test results, please follow these precautions to determine where you are at in the precaution protocol. Details are below. 

  • If you have had a confirmed exposure, you should wait 5 days, get tested, and if the test is negative, open after 7 days of quarantine from exposure. If you become symptomatic or test positive, you should wait 14 days from the time of exposure and until you have been without a fever for 24 hours, unaided by medicine.
  • If you have had a confirmed exposure and do not get tested, you should wait 10 days from the time of exposure to see if you become symptomatic. If you do not become symptomatic, you can then meet in person.

A family member (sibling, parent, etc.) of a microschool student tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?

If the student had close contact with someone who is COVID-positive, including their sibling, they should quarantine for a period of time as described in the Prenda Policy (7-14 days, depending on whether the student exhibits symptoms or tests negative). 

Will district or charter microschools have to follow district mask policies?

Yes. Prenda will defer to local mask requirements. 

Public pay microschools will follow their affiliated school district or charter school mask policy. 

Can Prenda go virtual?

Yes! Prenda can go virtual during times of microschool quarantine. Students should take their computers home with them so they can continue their learning from home, if needed.

Do children in pods follow a limited exposure agreement?

Prenda does not regulate what Guides or families do outside of microschool hours. If a Guide and the families in a microschool come to an agreement of their own terms, this would be between the participating families and will not involve Prenda. 

What did Prenda micrsoschools look like during COVID? Did schools close completely? Masking policies?

Prenda follows CDC guidelines regarding quarantining for those who come into close contact with someone with COVID, and isolation if they themselves have the virus. In those instances, students may be asked to stay home, and at times, the entire microschool would have to go virtual (do their work from home) for a period of time. 

Prenda’s curriculum is designed to empower learners to direct their own education, and we found that Prenda learners were capable of continuing their education from home. 

Does my student have to be vaccinated?

Prenda recommends that all those who are able to get vaccinated do so. At this time, there is no requirement for vaccination. 

Are Guides vaccinated?

Prenda recommends that all those who are able to get vaccinated do so. At this time, there is no requirement for vaccination. Parents may ask about a Guide’s vaccination status and Guides may disclose their vaccination status at their discretion.  Guides should not, however, lie about their vaccination status. If Prenda becomes aware of such conduct, it reserves the right to take appropriate action. 

If a guide has a COVID policy I disagree with, can I transfer microschools?

We encourage each family to consider their microschool selection carefully. If a microschool is not a good fit, for whatever reason, Prenda will work with parents to find the best fit for their child. Our goal is to empower learners, and we will do everything possible to support families to find the right educational fit for their child.