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Family Resources

Microschool families, a selection of most accessed family resources is curated below. Families can visit the Parent Portal, the Help Center, or contact support@prenda.co to find anything not listed below.

22-23 Family Forms

Families can visit the Parent Portal, the Help Center, or contact support@prenda.co to find anything not listed below. 

Microschool student’s parents/guardians should submit and maintain each of the following forms in digital or hard copy with their Guide each school year. Should a change occur, families should please resubmit the appropriate form to maintain accurate information at all times for their student’s Guide. Family forms can be accessed as PDFs at each link.

All families must complete these two (2) following forms:

  1. Student Pick-up Authorization Form
  2. Photo/Video Release Form

Families may also submit the following four (4) optional forms as if they apply to their child:

  1. Allergy Notification Form
  2. Medication Administration Authorization Form
  3. Student Walk/Bike Consent Form
  4. Student Chromebook Check Out Agreement

Families will also be given the opportunity to opt out of the Student Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, an optional form to be submitted to Prenda electronically. 

22-23 Student and Family Orientation

Check out our new 22-23 Prenda Microschool Family Orientation! This is a resource to support families in understanding the Prenda experience.

22-23 Student and Family Handbook 

The handbook contains important information about Prenda, policies,and resources for parents of microschool students. At least one parent/guardian will need to review the handbook and electronically sign the handbook acknowledgement form. As mentioned above, you'll get an email with a link to do this.

Click here to download the 22-23 Prenda Microschool Student and Family Handbook

Concerned Family Form

Families who have a concern about their microschool, Guide, or Prenda should please complete the Concerned Family Form. Please email support@prenda.co for additional support.

Student Behavior & Mental Health Support

Prenda is dedicated to ensuring all students’ behavioral and mental health is effectively supported. 

Families who would like to learn about the services offered should review our: 

  1. Behavioral Health Services Policy in the Help Center 
  2. Behavior & Mental Health Resources in the Parent Help Center 
  3. Student Crisis Response Process in the Help Center
  4. Prenda Counseling Services Overview in the Help Center 

Families can always email support@prenda.co to be connected with a Behavior Support Specialist and School Counselor. 


All students have Chromebook access! 

Prenda uses technology and the internet to engage students with instructional content. Every Prenda microschool student will (1) receive a Prenda-issued Chromebook* and (2) have access to WiFi in the microschool provided by the Guide.  Students’ Chromebooks are to stay at their microschool unless a student’s parent/guardian completes the Student Computer Check Out Agreement. 

*In some cases, Prenda’s school partner may provide their own devices to students, in which case Prenda will not provide the Chromebook. 

Damage to Chromebooks

If my student’s Chromebook is damaged while at home or due to misuse while at school, I will pay the $100.00 repair fee and return the Chromebook to Prenda via mail per Prenda’s instructions, as damaged computers remain the property of Prenda. If my child’s computer is lost, I will pay the replacement fee of $250.00. 

Chromebook Insurance

Families  may purchase an elective protection plan for the Chromebook for $30.00, which can be used one time to waive the fee for a damaged Chromebook. I can purchase this elective protection plan online via the Prenda Store, prendaschool.com/store/chromebook-protection-plan

Managing your Chromebook

When your student ages out of or withdraws from Prenda, familes will return the Chromebook to Prenda by filling out the Prenda Student Chromebook Management Form, available at bit.ly/PrendaCBs.

Interested in Prenda but don't see a position that's a good fit? Email us at prenda@jobs.workablemail.com and we will save your info!

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