How to Start a Microschool

Give your child a superior, modern education. In your community, in your neighborhood.

Prenda helps passionate parents and educators launch microschools right in their community. We empower learners through personalized learning, engaging projects, and small groups. Have you ever thought about how school could be more amazing? This is your chance to make your mark for the kids in your community. Starting a Prenda microschool is the best way to launch a new option for the young learners in your life.

How it Works

Step 1: Find a Guide

Who do you know that you not only trust with the safety of your child, but will bring out the best in them as a coach and mentor?

Qualities to Look for in a Guide:

  • A person who is trustworthy and can foster a positive relationship with children
  • Sees everyone around them as a learner
  • Respects the agency and autonomy of learners
  • Can create an environment where learners can thrive
  • Is patient, a good listener, and understands how to build a foundation of love and respect
  • Fosters a safe place of learning
  • Applies the best efforts to empower learners

How & Where to Seek Guides

The best place to seek a guide for your microschool is in your local community. Many of our guides are parents themselves and have children in Prenda microschools. You can ask your neighbors, friends, family, or people in your community. Do you have a favorite piano teacher, soccer coach, dance instructor, playground aide or preschool teacher? You'd be surprised at how many people in your own network are interested in microschools!


Step 2: Find a location

Find a suitable location to host the microschool. Most often, the location is the home of the guide or a parent, but you can also meet in a studio, office space, or really anywhere with Wi-Fi and space for 5-10 students.

Step 3: Help locate students

Who would you like your child to spend the day learning and growing with? Look for students who you think would benefit from participating in a microschool environment! Prenda students come from lots of settings, from neighborhood public schools to homeschools. Ask the parents of your child’s friends, and you’ll be surprised to find out how many people are thinking about the right school for them.

Share on Social Media

A great way to recruit students is to share your story about why you’ve selected a Prenda microschool for your child. Invite friends, neighbors, and family members to learn more.

Host a meetup

Work with the guide to create an open house at a suitable location. The open house will allow interested parents to learn more about the guide, and learn more about the microschool. After the meetup, encourage anyone who is ready to participate to enroll their child in the microschool.

Is it really free?

If you live in Arizona, yes! We partner with online charter schools in Arizona to fund microschools with state funding. Prenda doesn’t cost you anything (besides the taxes you’ve already paid), yet your child gets access to a 21st century education, made possible by technology and passionate guides.

There’s nothing stopping you from finding a better school for your child.

If you don’t live in Arizona, the cost is drastically less than almost any private school that exists. Contact us to find out more about options outside of Arizona.

“I’ve never seen my son get so excited about anything! It was like a duck in water.”

— K.R., mom