Why Partner with Prenda?

If you're interested in partnering with Prenda then please contact us at rachelle@prenda.co

Promote Equity

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Prenda Microschools empower students through small groups, personalized learning experiences, and intelligent use of blended learning methods. With a caring adult guide from the community in each microschool, the model works especially well in underserved communities.

As students catch up or even exceed their grade levels in core academic subjects, it’s not only test scores that go up. These kids are ready to own their learning and achieve what might have seemed impossible before.

Improve Access

Read about how prenda helped kids on an apache indian reservation with few choices

In many communities, there are limited education options. Rural areas often have underperforming or failing public schools, no charter schools, and expensive private schools with waiting lists.

Microschools provide a new option—an invitation for students to take ownership of their education in a truly empowering way. Prenda students develop digital literacy, hone critical thinking skills, and prepare for success in the 21st century. In the process, they reach higher levels of academic achievement and emerge as lifelong learners.

Prenda Partners

Prenda operates in two modes: as a private K-8 school, and as a full-service education provider for authorized schools. Our partner schools are listed below.


Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning

Mesa Public Schools

Freedom Prep Academy


Maize Virtual Preparatory School

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Education


Education reEnvisioned BOCES


Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy


Blended & Online School Solutions

Common questions from partners

What is Prenda, exactly?

Prenda is a microschool toolbox for school districts, charter schools, and online schools to service students in a way they would never be able to otherwise. We help these schools to implement microschools anywhere in their district or state by providing curriculum, software, training, and support to local Prenda Microschool Guides.

Where are the children enrolled?

Children are enrolled in partner schools, but receive their entire service through Prenda. The partner school, beyond the enrollment process, does not need to worry about supplies, training, support, attendance, or any other reporting or logistics.

How does private enrollment work?

Where applicable, eligible students may pay tuition directly as private school students. Our tuition is deliberately low to ensure that state education voucher funding can cover the expense.