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While we believe in the power of microschools, we also believe in the power of families. Prenda Family was created to help you educate your own children. If you are new to home-based education and need support and structure, we’ve got your back! If you’re a seasoned home educator and are looking for a diverse community, you’ve found it!


Curate your curriculum

Connect with your children

Create an empowered family


What is included with Prenda Family?

Our Prenda Family program gives you the same access to Prenda's curriculum, programs, activities, and community as our microschool program. Instead of a microschool guide and small class, you—the parent—get to guide your own children! Check out the "Learning Model" page for details on what a Prenda day looks like. We take the stress and worry out of homeschooling, connect you to other Prenda Families, and even provide support, training, and resources to help you get up and running. Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, Prenda can add structure, balance, community, and fun to your day.

Are there opportunities for my kids to socialize?

Absolutely! When you enroll a child in Prenda Family and go through the parent training, you will have access to our Parent-Guide Community and support team. Here, you can meet other Prenda Family parents, set up park days, BBQ's, field trips, etc. One aspect of the Prenda day that can be difficult for Prenda families is Collaborate Mode. These activities are designed for groups of 5-10 students. If you've got a handful of kids, you are in good shape. If not, you can adapt these activities for smaller groups of learners or form online groups where your students can participate in online discussions, debates, group research, presentations, poetry fairs, and much more! You can even take things offline and meet with other Prenda Families in-person in your area.

What curricula will my kids be using?

We realize that all learners and families are different. Prenda is not a "one-sized-fits-all" approach. We have a variety of academic programs that you can choose from based on your child's learning style, interests, and level. Our team will work with you to help you choose the right curriculum. If you already have programs your children love, that is great! In most cases, these programs can be incorporated into the Prenda day. Check out our "Learning Model" page or schedule a time to talk with our team to get more details.

What if I'm new to homeschooling?

Awesome! It's a new adventure. We would love to partner with you and help simplify the way forward. Before your students jump into their learning, you will have the opportunity to go through our Prenda Family Parent Training. This is an online course that will walk you through how to use our software, how to choose the learning tools that are right for your child, and how to start thinking about education in a new way.

Is there flexibility within the Prenda Family?

If your students are enrolled in our tuition-free option, we ask that you use our approved curricula for the bulk of your learning, and that you participate in our diagnostic adaptive benchmark testing program. You will have access to all of your students' data in order to help you know where your student's understanding is and what they are ready to learn next.

You are completely free to supplement with other programs and curricula that you already know and love! We even make it easy to input that learning into our software so whatever learning tools you choose are integrated seamlessly into your student's day. We also ask that you participate in the end of year state testing. We ask that students do their best, but don't put any pressure on anyone to perform. If you are paying privately, you have complete freedom and can opt into testing if it serves your family. However, you will want to look into the homeschooling laws in your state. Check out this site to learn more about homeschool laws by state.

How is Prenda Family different from a Prenda Microschool?

You get the same core training in Prenda without any of the extra requirements regarding fingerprint clearance cards, background checks, insurance, etc., which would only apply to microschool guides. Prenda Microschool Guides are compensated, however, Prenda Family Guides are not.

What makes Prenda Family different from other homeschool programs?

Prenda is more than a curriculum. It’s a method, a mindset, and a philosophy. There’s structure and guidance if you need it, and flexibility when you want to adapt for your family’s needs. As a parent there is built in training, support, mentoring, and community.

Will I have access to the Prenda Guide Training?

Yes! There is a special training program specifically for Prenda Family Guides! You'll learn all about the Prenda Learning Model, our philosophy, and learning tools! And of course, our team is always here to help! You will also have access to mentors, coaching, and our online Parent Guide Community while your children are enrolled with Prenda.

How much freedom is there in the curricula I use?

We stand by the tools and curricula that are a part of our program. We encourage you to use these tools, however you are free to supplement your student’s learning with whatever you like! The one catch here is that you can’t log educational hours when using religious curricula if your child is enrolled via a tuition-free school partnership. The online learning tools you will have access to through Prenda is as follows:

K-2nd Grade

3rd-8th Grade

*Access to Prenda's Project-Based Learning Library is granted upon enrollment

If there are other tools you would like to use, please reach out to us and we can work together to find solutions that work for each child.

Will my student participate in any testing?

School Partner Funded: All students who are enrolled with one of our school partners participate in state benchmark tests in Math and Reading (3x per year). The specific testing that your student will participate in will be dependent on the school partner. If you are enrolled with one of our school partners, your student will be required to take the end-of-year state exam, as well as diagnostic benchmark tests. We use these tests to answer the question, “Is what we are doing for this child working?”

You will also have the option to utilize iReady, an assessment tool, to measure what your student knows and what they need to learn next. You can use this information to help you decide what programs fit your student’s academic needs. iReady does not put any pressure or stress on students to perform on tests.

Private Pay: Prenda does not require testing for private pay families. However, it will be important to see what your state’s regulations are regarding testing.

We do offer access to adaptive, diagnostic testing to see where your child is in Math and Reading. You can use this data to make choices about their learning path and measure their growth throughout the year.

How many educational hours do my children need to log?

School Partner Funded: If you are enrolled through one of our school partners, we suggest that you log 10 hours per week for Kindergarteners, 20 hours per week for 1-2nd Graders, and 25 hours per week for 3-8th graders. You can count any hours that are either academically enriching or extracurricular (like music lessons, practicing, sports, or service).

Our software makes it VERY easy to automatically log the hours established in your schedule. Once you set things up, you won’t need to think about this too much.

Private Pay: Prenda’s suggested model is that you log 10 hours per week for Kindergarteners, 20 hours per week for 1-2nd Graders, and 25 hours per week for 3-8th Graders. In training, we offer a suggested daily schedule that will give you a framework to plan each day’s Conquer, Collaborate and Create activities. We also encourage extracurricular activities (like music lessons, sports, or service). As always, you will want to check your state’s regulation regarding reporting school hours.

Our software makes it VERY easy to automatically log the hours in a calendar if you need to report hours to your state.

How much does Prenda Family cost?

School Partner Funded: In Arizona and Colorado, Prenda Family is tuition-free through our school partners. We provide each student with access to all the online learning programs they will need, a laptop (chromebook), and access to PrendaWorld (our software). Additionally, K-2nd grade students receive physical workbooks and manipulatives.

Private Pay: You will pay $100 per student per month, or $250 per family per month (3 or more students in the same family). This includes our Treasure Hunt Reading Workbook and accompanying handwriting workbook for Grades K-2 and older students who need it.

  • Only pay for the months you want to use our programs (summer break, no fee)
  • Fully-refundable in the first month
  • After the first month, cancel your subscription and you will be refunded a prorated amount

Prenda Family Arizona FAQs

Prenda Family Colorado FAQs

Prenda Family Private Pay (worldwide) FAQs

My questions still aren't answered. Who can I talk to?

Please reach out to the Prenda Family Support Team at! They are parents and Prenda Family Guides who have all been on a similar journey, and would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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