Prenda Microschools
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In Colorado, microschools are made up of 3-4 students, in grades spanning from K-8. The learning that takes place is project-based, mastery-focused, and empowers each student to progress at their own pace.
Microschools are led by a Prenda Guide—a coach or mentor that supports, nurtures, and encourages each child’s innate love of learning. They are caring parents or community members who come from a variety of professional backgrounds, enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find all the information you need regarding enrollment, daily and annual schedules, how Prenda measures student progress, and student participation in testing.

How much does it cost?

Prenda Microschools in Colorado are tuition-free through Prenda’s partnership with Education reEnvisioned Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). In addition to a tuition-free education, students are provided with a laptop to use for school-related activities during the academic year. 

How do I find microschools near me?

Simply fill out the request for information form here and you will receive an email with a link to a map with microschools that are currently accepting students. Prenda is new to Colorado with Guides opening microschools regularly, so we encourage you to check the map daily. 

How do I enroll my child in a microschool?

After filling out the request for information form and receiving an email with a link to the microschool map, you can reach out to Guides that are accepting students. 

Prenda encourages you to visit a microschool and meet the Guide to determine if it’s a just-right fit for your child. When you and the Guide mutually agree on enrolling your child, the Guide will provide you with a link to an online enrollment form to complete. As soon as the enrollment form and all corresponding documents are processed, your child can begin attending school. 

What documents will I need to enroll my child in a microschool?

In addition to submitting the documents below, you will need to submit an intent to homeschool form to the district of residence 14 days before the start of the homeschool enrichment program. 

  • Prenda enrollment form
  • Child’s proof of age
  • Proof of residence
  • Immunization records, medical exemption form, or non-medical exemption form

What is a homeschool enrichment program?

Prenda students enrolled in tuition-free microschools in Colorado are considered part of a homeschool enrichment program through the BOCES. An intent to homeschool form is required for students enrolled in this homeschool enrichment program. This form is submitted to the district of residence.

Is there an enrollment deadline?

Yes, the enrollment period ends on September 24th, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year for tuition-free microschools.  

I missed the enrollment deadline. Can I still enroll my child in Prenda?

Yes, however the learning experience will not be tuition-free. Parents that do not enroll their child by the enrollment deadline have the option to home educate their child with Prenda Family.

Instead of meeting in a group led by a Microschool Guide, Prenda Family parents guide their own children. They are provided with the curriculum, learning model, and all the support they need to successfully begin their home education journey with Prenda. Learn more about Prenda Family and the cost of a subscription here. 

What if there isn’t a microschool near me?

Prenda is growing in Colorado, but spaces will remain limited until more microschools open. If there aren’t any near you yet, we invite you to consider becoming a Guide and opening a microschool of your own or reaching out to someone you know who would make a great Guide.

Many families have taken this path—especially those that are stay-at-home parents or have been home educating for some time. Prenda provides the learning model, curriculum, support, and flexibility to set Guides up for success in opening a microschool in their community.

Learn more about this paid, contract-based opportunity at

Click here to view Prenda's toolkit for parents interested in referring a Guide. 

What is the typical age range in a microschool?

Most microschools are made up of students spanning three grade levels: K-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, or 6th-8th Grade. 

Are Guides certified teachers?

Guides are not required to be certified teachers, however, all Guides are vetted thoroughly by Prenda, undergo microschool site inspections and background checks, and complete a comprehensive onboarding process to set them up for success.

Prenda selects Guides that are passionate about education and dedicated to empowering learners. Additionally, every Guide reports to a certified teacher that oversees each microschool and provides support when needed. 

Where will my child go to learn?

Microschools are typically held in a Guide’s home, although several microschools are located in libraries, dance studios, or other community spaces suitable for learning. 

I would like to enroll my child in kindergarten. What are the cut-off dates by age?

Kindergarten students must turn five before August 31 of the current year in order to be enrolled in Prenda. 

Can I apply to become a Prenda Guide and open a microschool?

Yes, after exploring our website and reviewing the requirements, we encourage you to apply if you are interested in moving forward. Guiding is an especially rewarding opportunity for parents and community members to empower young learners.

Prenda also empowers new Guides by providing them with the curriculum, learning model, and a comprehensive onboarding experience to set them up for success!

If you feel like guiding is something you are interested in learning more about, go to to find out more.

What hours will my child be in school?

Microschool students in Colorado will meet for four hours each day, five days out of the week. Exact start and end times are set by Guides and vary slightly from microschool to microschool. Students meet for a total of 172 days each school year.  

What are the attendance requirements?

Prenda believes that attending school daily supports a student’s overall success, academic progress, and social development. Microschools in Colorado follow the compulsory school attendance laws. Students with 19 days of excused or unexcused absences, which is over 10% of the entire school year, may be withdrawn from Prenda.

What is the daily learning schedule?

A Prenda Microschool day is broken up into four modes: Connect, Conquer, Collaborate, and Create. You can watch this video to see A Day in the Life of a Prenda Student.

More information about the Prenda Learning Model can be found here. 

How will I know that my child is progressing with Prenda?

Small class sizes and the structure of the learning model allow Guides and students to work closely together to set goals and develop a personalized educational experiences for each child. Guides monitor student progress in their online learning tools on a regular basis and communicate consistently with families to celebrate successes and discuss challenges. iReady Assessments, quarterly reports, and statewide testing also inform Guides, students, and families on progress. 

How are progress reports conducted?

Prenda submits quarterly progress reports to the BOCES. Students are given an individual passing rate, which consists of the number of students individually passing their courses out of the total number of courses. Additionally, an overall passing rate is given for each course. iReady results for the beginning, middle, and end of the year are also reported to the BOCES to ensure growth goals are being met for each student.

Will Prenda be a good fit for my child with special needs?

Many families find that Prenda’s flexible learning environment and small class sizes create an educational setting that allows for appropriate accommodations and modifications to be made for each child and their unique needs. Prenda has an Exceptional Student Services (ESS) team that works with Guides to create a Prenda Support Plan. 

Guides work with students and families to ensure that each child progresses in their learning tools and receives the support they need to succeed—with support from our Learning Advocate team of certified teachers when needed.

Do students participate in statewide assessments?

Colorado does not require homeschool enrichment students to participate in Colorado Academic Success (CMAS) assessments, however, students do have the option to take part in testing. Additional testing information can be found here.

Does Prenda conduct any additional assessments?

Yes, students also participate in iReady, an assessment tool that measures what they know and what they need to learn next. This information is used to help Guides determine a learning plan that best meets the needs of each child. 

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