We empower students through world-class microschools.

We empower students through
tuition-free microschools.

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How it works

Prenda provides an education option to families and connects parents of K-8 students with caring individuals, called Guides, who run microschools in their communities. With a proven learning model and state standard-aligned curriculum, Prenda empowers students to be the best they can be. 

Tuition-free Microschools

Learn more about Prenda microschools, where they take place, and how they work.

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Prenda Guides

Find out about the caring individuals that open microschools in their communities.

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Prenda Learning Experience

Discover how students become empowered learners and thrive academically.

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The Prenda Learning Experience


Hands-on approach to learning and collaboration


Self-paced learning to meet each student's needs

Blended Learning

Human connection and technology combined

About us

At Prenda, our mission is to empower learners. This vision of creating a culture and environment that puts the learner in the driver seat of their academic journey started in 2013. Since then, Prenda and its amazing Guides have paved the path to empowerment for thousands of learners.

"I love that I can be a stay-at-home mom as well as a leader in education. Thank you to Prenda for offering this diving board into amazing opportunities."
Alea B
Prenda Guide
"Our microschool Guide, Wendy Tuckett, absolutely made my son's first year in school so special! She is patient, creative, kind, passionate, and understanding.
Jamie Arroyo
Prenda Parent
"I'm having a blast with the freedom to allow the kids to own their own education and plus, I get to have my own two kids in this fantastic microschool!"
Tiffany King
Prenda Guide
As a previous homeschool parent, I know the stress of choosing curriculum. Prenda has gave me the resources to empower my kids as lifelong learners.
Stephanie Moore
Prenda Guide
I am a mom of 4 and a current Prenda Guide. Seeing all these kids come together and form their own little school “family” has been a beautiful thing.
Sarah Lavoie
Prenda Guide