Kids can learn anything!

Prenda provides an environment where students are empowered to grow into their strongest self. We provide inspiring adults the tools and structure needed to support the young learners in their lives.


Personalized learning

Designed around real-world, human connections with technology that customizes content for each student.

Learning kids will love

Proven system for helping each child grow individually. They work on topics that interest them and are supported by caring guides who coach them to achieve individual goals.

One-on-one focus leads to great results

Guides lead small groups of children to help them set goals and discover their own path. With small groups, caring adults, and lots of freedom, kids can bring their whole selves.

Enroll a student

Learn more about the Prenda program and check on availability near you.

Become a Certified Prenda guide

We are looking for adults to help our students grow. Start here to learn what it means to be a guide.

Homeschool with Prenda Family

Prenda is also designed to help families homeschool, providing structure, mentoring, and a strong community.


Caring about people and being passionate about learning are more important than transcripts, certificates, and pedagogy.
Everyone has the potential to become a capable problem solver. When we rob students of their struggles, we rob them of their victories.
We discover our gifts and purpose, and then courageously tackle the big goals ahead of us. When the call to action is scary, we embrace the struggle, ask "why not?" and keep moving forward.
Trust is the only way humans can learn and build together. We think about trust in every interaction and do everything we can to increase it. "Am I trusting others? Are my words or actions inviting others to trust me?"
It's tempting to avoid risk, stick with what we know, and hide from new and challenging frontiers. We seek the real learning that comes when we step (or leap) out of our comfort zone.