Treasure Hunt 

Treasure Hunt Reading (THR) was created by the Prenda team in an effort to support learners worldwide! It follows an Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory, systematic approach to literacy and is aligned to the science of reading research.

Is THR a good fit for my reader?

THR is appropriate for learners who are just beginning their learning-to-read journey, stuck or stalled learners, or learners who are looking to deepen their proficiency. Mastery of the concepts taught within THR typically results in a 3rd-4th grade reading level and sets learners up to move into advanced reading material naturally.

A direct instruction, deep phonics approach

The research is clear- if we want strong readers, we need to use a direct instruction, deep phonics approach to decoding. With THR, your students can access this vital instruction in a fun and encouraging way. Not a literacy expert yourself? No problem. Get the workbook, access the videos, and start learning alongside your students. Kids of all ages love learning with Adventure Kait!  

Sharing the gift of literacy with all readers

THR was designed for Prenda microschools but it also works well in homeschool or traditional classroom settings. Thousands of students from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, etc) have found great success with THR. Due to the need for high-quality literacy instruction, Prenda has made this program available to the public at no cost!

What does THR cover?

Phonemic Awareness
The Alphabetic Principle
Print Awareness
Letter-Sound Correspondence
Proper Letter Formation
Blending and Segmenting
Top 10 Decoding Rules
Multisyllabic Words
77 Phonograms
30 True Sight Words
40 Decodable Leveled Readers

How to get started...

To participate in the program, readers need 3 things

An Icon of the number one

Access to THR videos

An Icon of the number two

The Workbook

An Icon of the number three

A Helpful (literate) Adult

Watch this 15 minute training video 
to understand how to use the program!

Learn about Microschools

At Prenda, we help parents, homeschoolers, and educators start microschools. Watch this quick on-demand webnar to find out if starting a microschool might be a good fit for you.

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Learn more about Literacy

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