Jamie Dennett

I began a new journey this year, and I opened my own Prenda Microschool in my home. I can’t describe to you precisely the magic that happens here. But I can just say that Prenda is a miracle for my students and me.

My parents had the same story, whether they were prospective parents interested in our school or a parent who enrolled their students. Parents come to me saying how their student dreads going to school. Education, which is supposed to be a lifelong, beautiful, and necessary tool, is feared. The traditional brick-and-mortar classroom wasn’t working for us. Each story is slightly different, and the why varies somewhat, but the underlying message is that learning isn’t fun.

But all that changed with Prenda. Here, I look forward to my time with students, I am eager to Guide, and I am happy with my work. I have no burnout. I have minimal stress. I wake up, make the commute down my hallway, and get my home space ready to teach. I look forward to seeing my students every day. They have become so much more than just my students; they are my family and an essential part of my community and identity. These seven children are my world, and they are the ones teaching me most days. These students that feared learning???

They waltz into my home each morning without knocking with smiles and greetings for their friends and me. I can’t even describe the closeness and bonds I have watched blossom between my students. There are no cliques or best friends here; it is just them. The whole community. We are one here. They are eager to start their day and never want to go home once 3:00 pm rolls around.

Parents and I have to convince them to go home! They are motivated to learn. Education is fun again, and their parents all tell me how their child’s outlook on learning has made a 180 from fear to excitement. They are witnessing their whole child grow. I can’t tell you how honored I am to provide an educational environment like this to these kids and foster a love of lifelong learning in each of them.

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