Prenda Learning Model

The Prenda Learning Model is designed around our mission to empower learners. At Prenda, we hope to nurture each student's love of learning, creativity, and perseverance, as well as help them develop a strong academic foundation.

We invite students to see themselves as learners. A learner is someone who bravely acknowledges when they don't know something and is willing to do the hard work of figuring it out. We help students build the confidence and skills they will need to succeed in school and life. At Prenda, school doesn't "happen to you." Here, learners take ownership of their education. The learner is the doer, the mover, the becomer. When we invite the learner to set their own goals, manager their time, and own the results of their work, we are empowering them! Will they do this perfectly right away? No! But if they persist, they will progress. We believe that when adults lead by example, ask more questions than they give answers, and build strong relationships of trust and respect, students thrive.


Blended learning

Computers and other technology can have a major impact as learning tools, but they are incomplete without in-person, human interaction. Blended learning combines the best of both worlds to empower lasting learning. (Summary from BLU).



Mastery-focused learning allows each student to fully comprehend each topic before moving on to the next one. Not only does mastery-focused learning fill holes in foundational knowledge, it also removes the psychological damage of bad grades, self-labeling, and peer comparison. (Khan TED talk)



Every human is different and learning is personal. Our model incorporates student autonomy to customize the experience, along with tools and activities that meet a variety of learning styles. (OET)


Project-based learning

The power of project-based learning to motivate and drive high-level thinking and effort has been proven time and again. When designed to cross multiple subject areas and connect to the real world, project-based learning is a powerful way to cement important concepts and information absorbed in other learning modes. (BIE)


Growth mindset

Most people operate under what has come to be known as a "fixed" mindset. This is the basic core belief that some people are intelligent and good at school and others are less intelligent and therefore do poorly. We want students at Prenda to look forward to challenges confidently. To do this, they will need to develop “growth” mindsets. (Dweck)


Small groups

We believe in the power of relationships and social learning to increase engagement, student ownership, and happiness. Keeping groups small is key when trying to build individuality and deep connection. (IgnitED)


During Connect Mode, students and guides intentionally build a strong sense of community by setting aside time to grow socially and emotionally. Students learn to make friends, solve interpersonal conflicts, hold themselves accountable to community standards that they help define, understand what it means to be a self-driven learner, how to maintain a strong  mindset through struggle, and discover their personal purpose and  motivation. The goal of Connect Mode is to deepen each student's ability to own their education and to become the strongest version of their future self.


In Conquer Mode, students work through core academic subjects, presented using cutting-edge online tools that adapt to student performance and require that students master material before they move on. Learn more about mastery-focused academicsHERE. Guides, parents, and students are empowered to work together to select a program that fits their learning style and skill level. Don't know which tool to pick? Consult with our team of Learning Advocates (certified teachers) to help find the best fit for your child. We use adaptive, diagnostic testing to make sure each student is working at the level that is right for them. Next, students are coached by their guide to set goals and stay on track over time.


Knowing stuff is great but in our world, it isn't enough. Empowered learners need to work collaboratively with others, solve problems together, and learn to lead. During Collaborate Mode, students gather for a structured group activity. They sit face-to-face, and work together to discover, understand, and apply their learning. Our team has developed a variety of activities that take students through science, history, and give them rich experiences in collaborative research, presentation, Socratic discussion, debate, math application and reasoning, service,  and even a little poetry.


During Create Mode, students work in pairs or small groups as they work through our extensive project-based learning library. Create Mode exposes kids to a wide variety of topics and experiences that will help them discover and develop their interests, talents, skills, and passions. We provide prompts that invite learning in STEM, history, research, writing, presenting, performing, art, mindset, and healthy habits (like meditation, journaling and goal setting). Kids show their learning through videos, reports, computer programs, gardens, posters, essays, dance routines, theatrical performances, business storefronts, journals, paintings, dioramas, and many more deliverables.