This week, Kaity and Adriane chat with Matt Barnes, who works to help parents defend their children from hidden threats that are unique to the 21st century. In this episode, Matt uncovers three of those threats.

Matt also discusses the challenges faced by students in the education system and the importance of empowering parents to take ownership of their children's education. He highlights the impact of technology and AI on children and emphasizes the need for a more flexible and relevant education system. Matt addresses the growing issue of youth loneliness and advises parents and educators on how to support authentic learning and address mental health concerns. He even shares his vision for the future of education and the importance of continuous learning and growth.

Episode 40 also explores:
🔥 the importance of critical thinking and self-leadership in nurturing the next generation
🔥 the specific educational barriers faced by black boys
🔥 how we can overturn a system that too often leaves black youth behind
🔥 and so much more!

🔑  The education system needs to adapt to the changing needs of students and provide more flexibility and relevance.
🔑  Technology and AI can have both positive and negative impacts on children, and parents need to be aware of the potential dangers.
🔑  Youth loneliness is a growing concern we need to address by fostering meaningful connections and relationships.

Matt is the husband of one wife, three kids, and a rescue dog. Over the last 25 years, Matt has run an $18m hospital department, distributed $500m in philanthropy, led an education reform nonprofit, served on 10 educational boards, including a public and private college, started three companies, and has coached thousands of parents on how to grow learners in the 21st century. Matt's current project is an employee-owned bread company with formerly homeless residents at a local group home in Houston, Texas. Matt sits on several boards and is an Elder in his church.