On Episode 21 of The KindlED Podcast, Kaity and Adriane sit down with Josh Dahn,  executive director of Astra Nova School and co-founder of Synthesis. Their conversation sheds light on how to create an engaging school culture and a unique educational experience that fosters curiosity and joy in young minds.

This insightful episode also covers:
🔥 student involvement and decision-making;
🔥 the often adversarial relationship between students and school;
🔥 how to create a culture of meaningful connections and mutual respect;
🔥 and so much more!

Whether you are a parent, educator, or caring adult, Episode 21 of The KindlED Podcast offers an inside look into how the expert's role in a classroom is much more than being a mere information source. They're catalysts for student curiosity. Josh articulates this beautifully as he stresses the importance of bringing in highly knowledgeable adults who can inspire students to explore new fields.

Tune in, learn, and gain perspective on how to promote collaboration in education, and advocate for a space that encourages team thinking and unique problem-solving.

This episode might even change how you view education today.

Josh Dahn directed Ad Astra School on the campus of SpaceX for six years. He is currently the executive director of Astra Nova School and co-founder of  Synthesis an edtech company that does pioneering work in both the hard skills (AI math tutoring) and soft skills (collaborative thinking games) that all children need. Josh also writes and produces the Conundrums video series, which has been viewed by millions of students in classrooms around the world.