This week, Kaity and Adriane chat with Trevor MacKenzie, an experienced teacher, author, keynote speaker and inquiry consultant, about the importance of relationship and curiosity in education, as well as the value of inquiry-led learning. Throughout the episode, you'll learn how nurturing inquisitiveness can lead to outstanding academic results and enhance students' well-being.

Episode 36 also explores:
πŸ”₯ the inquiry cycle and its phases
πŸ”₯ the role of provocation and student-generated questions
πŸ”₯ the importance of taking action and applying learning in real-world contexts
πŸ”₯ the implementation of inquiry-based learning in the classroom
πŸ”₯ the misconception that inquiry-based learning is less rigorous
πŸ”₯ the different types of inquiry, ranging from structured to free inquiry
πŸ”₯ the transformative potential of flipping traditional teaching on its head
πŸ”₯ and so much more!

This episode is an invitation to educators and parents alike to reshape the learning landscape. You don't want to miss this episode!! So join us for a conversation that could revolutionize the way we think about teaching, learning, and the power of curiosity.

πŸ”‘ Building strong relationships with students is essential for creating a safe and inclusive learning environment.
πŸ”‘ Curiosity is a key driver of engagement and academic success.
πŸ”‘ Teachers need to shift their mindset and fill the 'how gap' to effectively implement inquiry-based learning.
πŸ”‘ Creating a culture of excellence and empowering students requires valuing their strengths, interests, and autonomy.

Trevor MacKenzie is an experienced teacher, author, keynote speaker and inquiry
consultant who has worked in schools throughout Australia, Asia, North America, South Africa, and Europe. He is an inquiry practitioner currently as a teacher with the Greater Victoria School District in Victoria, Canada. He has three publications: Dive into Inquiry, Inquiry Mindset Elementary Edition, and Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition. He has vast experience supporting schools across several years in implementation strategies in public schools, international schools, and International Baccalaureate programs.


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