This week, Kaity and Adriane chat with Peter Gray, research professor of psychology and neuroscience at Boston College and renowned author behind "Free to Learn." This episode is all about the power of play in learning, shedding light on how self-directed exploration can ignite children's natural curiosity and shape their futures. Peter highlights the shift from traditional education to empowering spaces like Sudbury Valley School, where children thrive on freedom and choice.

Episode 34 also explores:
πŸ”₯ the impact of play on fostering passion and curiosity in kids
πŸ”₯ the journey from restrictive classrooms to liberating environments where learning is a choice
πŸ”₯ how age-mixed play contributes to cognitive and social development
πŸ”₯ the shift from structured education to embracing the unpredictable magic of child-led learning
πŸ”₯ the importance of autonomy in nurturing competent, confident children
πŸ”₯ practical takeaways for integrating play and autonomy into everyday learning
πŸ”₯ and so much more!

πŸ”‘ Play is an act of self-control and teaches children to follow rules.
πŸ”‘ Children are better at following rules in play than in real life.
πŸ”‘ Play is a creative and imaginative activity that exercises children's creativity and engages them in hypothetical deductive reasoning.
πŸ”‘ Play is essential for children to develop autonomy, competence, and problem-solving skills.
πŸ”‘ Schools often quash children's curiosity and problem-solving abilities, and it is important to give children free time and the opportunity to explore and help on their own.

Peter Gray is a research professor of psychology and neuroscience at Boston College who has conducted and published research in behavioral biology, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education. His recent research focuses on the role of play in human evolution and how children educate themselves through play and exploration when they are free to do so. He has expanded on these ideas in his book, "Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life."

πŸ“– Free to Learn
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