On Episode 29 of The KindlED Podcast, Kaity and Adriane do a deep dive into their favorite books!

These reads aren't just for parents and educatorsβ€”they're for anyone on a quest to grow alongside the children in their lives, fostering empathy and understanding in a world that often forgets the value of emotional health. Tune in and embark on a path of discovery that promises to enrich not only your parenting journey but your entire approach to life and relationships. Β 


πŸ“š Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

β€πŸ“š The Whole-Brain Child

β€πŸ“š No-Drama Discipline

β€πŸ“š Free to Learn

β€πŸ“š Make It Stick

β€πŸ“š Permission to Feel

β€πŸ“š The Body Keeps the Score