This week, Kaity and Adriane chat with Norton Rainey, CEO of ACE Scholarships. Norton is all in on opening doors to top-notch education for every kid, no matter where they come from. In this episode, Norton dives into how ACE Scholarships is making a huge difference for families and just how important it is for parents to stand up for their kids' learning.

Episode 41 also explores:
🔥 tax credits and Education Savings Accounts and what that means for public schools' cash flow
🔥 how tech makes it a breeze to apply for scholarships
🔥 the future of learning
🔥 and so much more!

Don't miss this eye-opening conversation on how school choice and education policy are changing lives 🚀✨

*Correction: In the episode, Kaity says ClassWallet is the program manager for Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. However, the Arizona Department of Education administers the ESA program, and ClassWallet is the financial management platform for the ESA program.

Norton Rainey serves as the CEO of ACE Scholarships, leading the charge for education reform in America. ACE Scholarships provides K-12 scholarships to lower-income children, enabling them to attend private K-12 schools. In addition, the organization collaborates with state legislatures to advocate for school choice policies.


  • Zip codes often determine the quality of education a student receives, with lower-income neighborhoods having limited access to good schools.
  • Education savings accounts (ESAs) and other school choice programs allow parents to choose the best educational environment for their children.
  • Research shows that school choice programs have positive outcomes, including higher graduation rates, improved test scores, and increased parental engagement.