On Episode 23 of The KindlED Podcast,  Kaity and Adriane chat with Joanna Lovejoy, an education technology innovator and founding member of Alpha and Kinjo. Get ready to be inspired by Joanna's amazing experiences with adaptive technology, where she helps students improve their academic skills in revolutionary ways, and discover the possibilities of how we can make screen time more effective and meaningful for students.

This episode also covers:
🔥 the intersection between education and technology;
🔥 the exciting yet challenging terrains of blended learning, gamification, adaptive technology, and mastery-based learning;
🔥 how to effectively incorporate technology into mainstream K-12 curriculums;
🔥 a fresh perspective on the future of education;
🔥 the potential and pitfalls of gamification;
🔥 how we can keep students engaged in their learning journey;
🔥 and so much more!

Tune in now for this thought-provoking discussion that will redefine your understanding of education, technology, and their exciting crossroads.

Joanna Lovejoy, a trailblazer in edtech innovation, has been instrumental as a founding member of Alpha, Austin Deep Academy, and Kinjo. Effortlessly fusing academic principles with the vibrant energy of technology and unconventional sectors, she rejuvenates student engagement in education. Tapping into her vast industry insight, Joanna designs frameworks that elevate and extend beyond the confines of traditional learning. As the Director of Technology Integration at Alpha, she showcased her unwavering dedication to harnessing adaptive technologies. True to her vision, Joanna seamlessly bridges academia and gaming, with her work at Kinjo standing as a testament to her ability to curate transformative learning experiences.

Joanna would like to thank the following students for igniting her love of learning: Grace, Maddie, Kate, Elle, Gideon, Sawyer, Peyton, Sloane, Wyatt, Wade, Hope, Clara, Benjamin, Nathan, Rhett, Max, Parker, Shelby, Luke, Ethan, & Kurt.