This week, Kaity and Adriane chat with Caleb Collier, co-founder of The Forest School and director at The Institute for Self-Directed Learning. This episode is all about self-directed education, where learners take control, and the classroom becomes a place for personal growth and intrinsic motivation. Caleb explains the role of educators and parents in this innovative learning landscape and shares his journey of transformation from a conventional middle school educator to a trailblazer for educational autonomy.  

This episode also explores:
🔥 the practicality of self-directed learning in our schools and homes
🔥 strategies for cultivating student agency
🔥 the imperative of school leaders in transforming institutional norms
🔥 how parents can be instrumental in supporting their children's educational journey
🔥The Forest School's approach to aligning family expectations with student outcomes
🔥 how a paradigm shift in education can lead to more personalized and engaging learning experiences
🔥 and so much more!

So, make sure to tune in for a fun and informative discussion on the world of self-directed learning, where autonomy and thoughtful guidance are the keys to unlocking a lifelong love of learning. You don't want to miss this episode!

Caleb is a storyteller, academic, educator, and writing coach. He has a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning, is a co-founder of The Forest School, serves as the Director at The Institute for Self-Directed Learning, and has been a Research Fellow at the University of Virginia. He has published extensively in academic journals and is the author of The Theoretical and Historical Evolutions of Self-Directed Learning: The Case for Learner-Led Education.