On Episode 24 of The KindlED Podcast, Kaity and Adriane deep dive into understanding aggression in kids. They share some of their own stories of dealing with aggression in kids and give practical tips for dealing with these tough situations. The episode focuses on fostering understanding, curiosity, and awareness when dealing with kids' complex emotions.

This episode also covers:
🔥 the different factors, including biological, psychological, and socioeconomic, contributing to aggression;
🔥 common parental responses to aggressive behavior;
🔥 the importance of empathy and understanding children's emotions;
🔥 the role of emotional development in preventing aggressive behavior;
🔥 the impact of prioritizing work over your kids;
🔥 and so much more!

The episode wraps with a close look at the relationship between aggression, brain development, and empathy. And you'll leave this episode with newfound insight and confidence to address child aggression in any situation.