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With the growing demand for alternative education options – and a recent surge in universal ESA programs across the country – microschools have gained prominence and popularity for parents looking for options to school at home (or someone else's). If you're thinking, "I need to find a microschool near me," this post is for you.

Microschools are small, community-based learning environments focused on mastery-based curriculum and inquiry-led learning with the guidance of a caring grownup called a microschool guide. Prenda maintains the largest network of microschools and microschool guides in the country – and we’re growing rapidly. 

Learn how to find a nearby Prenda microschool and what you can do while searching for the perfect small group, self-directed learning environment for your child. 

Microschool Directory (and Other Ways to Find a Microschool)

There are hundreds of local, in-person microschools in the Prenda network. Browse nearby microschools on Prenda’s microschool directory and reach out to microschools guides who may be a good match for your child. 

Other ways to find a microschool

Recruit a friend: Most guides are parents who stay at home or homeschool their children. Some have a degree or classroom experience, but these are not requirements at Prenda.

Our guides are empowered adults committed to empowering learners; they have a dedicated microschool location and can guide at least 2 children from 2 different families (and want to get compensated for it!) 

Know anyone who’d make a great guide? Tell them about Prenda and encourage them to open a microschool with your kids as their students. 

  • Join Prenda’s state Facebook groups: We created groups for parents to connect with soon-to-be and current guides. We also post a thread every Monday specifically to connect parents and guides:

Here’s a list of our state Facebook groups:

💡Get the Prenda Parent Guide to learn more about finding an existing nearby microschool.

Homeschool While You Find a Microschool

Homeschooling with Prenda might be an excellent temporary option while waiting for a microschool opening nearby. 

Prenda offers the same learning platform to single-family microschools (aka homeschools), allowing you and your child to access Prenda’s learning tools, curriculum, community, and support – just like multi-family microschools!

Single-family microschools can access the Prenda platform for homeschooling using ESA funds (available in select states) or private payment on a per-child basis of $2,199 per year ($1,499 per year for kindergarteners). This fee is billed quarterly, providing families with flexibility and the ability to convert or transfer to a multi-family microschool anytime. 

Get started as a single-family microschool, or contact Prenda to learn more about this option. 

Start a Microschool of Your Own

Did you know well over half of our microschool guides are parents of Prenda kids of their own? Most of our guides have a background as a stay-at-home parent or homeschool educator. 

Prenda makes starting a microschool an accessible and impactful endeavor for caring grownups with all backgrounds. If you have a zeal for empowered learning and an interest in guiding your children and others (and getting compensated for it), consider starting your own microschool.

Most guides-to-be just need an invitation to do it, so consider this your formal invite. 

You can be a guide. Yes, YOU 🫵

Take the Leap 

Julie Driggs took the leap from homeschooling in a single-family microschool to guiding 10 students in a multi-family microschool:

“It would have been MUCH easier to let someone else do it. Getting my house to a state of cleanliness each day where other kids could come for school took more discipline than I'm used to. It would have been much easier to keep my house to myself. It's tough for me to speak my mind and stick to my boundaries, but guess what I did…”

And Sammie Rowlett’s plans changed when she took the leap from entrepreneurial wellness mama to entrepreneur (microschool) wellness mama:

“I am so excited to be in a position as a mother to finally have all my kids in public school to focus on my passion projects of teaching yoga and hosting wellness retreats. My plans changed quickly when the neighborhood we lived in needed a 3-5 Guide.

I felt the call and stepped in to become a Prenda Guide. Hesitant to leave my "Plan A," a fellow Guide encouraged me to bring my passions into the classroom! Long story short, Heroes Haven was born. Heroes Haven is a Mindfulness focused school where we incorporate: yoga, breathwork, and mindset tools into our day to improve our IQ and EQs. “

Heather Long took the leap from school counselor to Prenda microschool guide:

“Last August, I went to a Prenda meeting and loved everything I heard but was unsure about leaving my job and pulling my kids from public school. I was nervous that I didn't have what it took to teach, and leaving the only system I knew seemed scary and crazy. I decided to look into being a guide, but I did not think I would go through with it. However, the more I learned about Prenda through the Guide on the onboarding process, the more it felt like the right thing to do, both for my kids and me.”

You’ve been formally invited to take the leap and open a microschool. Your journey will be supported by the largest network of microschool guides and Prenda – we’ll provide the microschool operating system and a learning model that puts the child at the center so you can run an amazing microschool.

Start your journey here

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